Cleaning out for the Holidays…

So, I decided that today would be the day to clean out everything and get ready for the holidays.  The kids threw their toys everywhere and I couldn’t see the floor.  I determined that it is all gonna go!  Have you ever tried that with kids in the house? HAHA!  As I have it all in a big pile, the kids are just throwing it everywhere.  oh FUN!!!  Then my 2y old decides that he wants to “sweep”, which means he is taking the broom to my pile of junk and dirt and having it go all over the living room.  Start over.  5 times. AHHHHHH!  Makes me crazy.  Meanwhile, I have this scenario going on.  

Apparently that chair right there was a convenient opportunity to scale the tree.  Of course  I couldn’t help but laugh and take a picture…. I mean, after all, it would be MY house if it wasn’t a bit crazy!

You do know what a clean living room floor means though, right?  Oh that means it is a license to go to ones room and take out all the toys from in there and reclutterfy the living room! WEEEE!  But it is all OK because I found some diapers that I was missing, hiding under the couch.

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One Response to Cleaning out for the Holidays…

  1. hineylineys says:

    And just in case you’re curious? That box of toys right there? Just got dumped out. Thank you 2y old!

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