Diapers Defunked!

Ever deal with rashes and stinkies and just can’t get rid of it?  This is what we’ve been dealing with over here.  It is SO frustrating!  It all started back when I decided to switch detergent because I read on a forum that using All Free & Clear was a no-no. I never had any issues before, but it was a no-no, it is bad for my diapers and is going to cause buildup and stink!  This is what I read anyways.  Even though I had been using All Free & Clear for 2 years already without issue.

So I made the switch.  I went to pinstripesandpolkadots.com and looked at the detergent list and found one that had a better rating.  I wanted something free and clear that was affordable.  I found that Purex Free & Clear had better ratings, so I tried that.  Immediately I started having issues.  Rashes and stink!  That began the stripping and detergent hopping.  I tried lots of detergents and this and that.  Things would get better for a while and then get bad again.  I started having to alternate with disposables because my kids rashes were so bad.  I felt frustrated and defeated, but I am die-hard cloth.  I would not give up!  I even use cloth diapers on vacations, no way I’m giving up!

We have very acidic water with zero hardness, soft water as soft as it is going to get!  What I’ve read about soft water is that it is very difficult to rinse out, and you don’t need much detergent. It is just really difficult to find HOW much to use.  5 Years later and I think I finally have my diapers defunked!  Hopefully it lasts!  I boiled my prefolds on the stove.  That didn’t get the stink out.  I asked around for all kinds of advice.  I decided that the next wash I’d put vinegar in the rinse.  I did my rinse cycle and then went to do my hot wash.  I put in 3 tablespoons of Rockin’ Green and rocked a soak.  After that, I did another hot wash with vinegar in the bleach dispenser.  I got the diapers out, tossed them in the dryer and sniffed them when they came out.  they smelled like NOTHING!!!!!!  I was so excited that I ran to my hubby and said, SMELL THIS!  It doesn’t smell like anything, right?  It smells like nothing? Yeah?!?  He agreed.  Then I did my happy dance.

I defunked my diapers!  Do you have funky smelling diapers?  Are you having trouble getting rid of the stinkies?  Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook wall, and we can trouble shoot.

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2 Responses to Diapers Defunked!

  1. Danielle P says:

    I came over from Eco-Crazy Mom’s blog. This article made me laugh. Great tips. Thanks!

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