What Is The Hiney Lineys Diapering System?

What makes Hiney Lineys different from other systems?  And why is it a much needed system that fills a gap in the diaper market?

The Hiney Lineys system is a very versatile unique system that was originally created for the prefold user, which now includes an All In Two option.

When my daughter was 8 mos old, I started experimenting with different diapers because she was dealing with eczema.  I felt like she needed a stay dry layer to help with the eczema.  I started using pocket diapers, but I didn’t like that I couldn’t reuse anything and had to wash the whole thing each time.  This is where Hiney Lineys was born!  I wanted to use my prefolds and covers, but have the stay dry layer.  I started cutting out rectangles of fleece, but it just bunched and shifted.  What a pain!  So, I designed the stay dry layer to attach to the cover.  The final version includes gathered legs and back portions on the stay dry Liney.  The gathered areas help contain messes.

This stay dry Liney with gathered legs and back portions, will snap into our Versa cover.  Our Versa system comes in 3 sizes.  Newborn will fit up to 15 pounds, the popular One-Size  fits 12-35 pounds, and our Big Kid size fits 30-60 pounds!!

No other system on the market offers this type of system for the prefold user.  Hiney Lineys are unique!  What if you don’t like using prefolds?  We also offer an All In Two option!  Our snap on soaker pad/insert, snaps right on to the back of your Liney.

You now have an All in Two system which is great for dads or sitters… or anyone who prefers an All in Two system.

Our Versa system truly is versatile!  

Not only can you use our Versa cover with prefolds and a Liney, or with the All In Two option, but you can also use our Versa cover on its own.  Use the Versa cover with fitted diapers, inserts, flats, or contours.  The options are endless!

What do you need for start up with Hiney Lineys?

We recommend 3 Lineys (and 3 snap on soaker pads/inserts if you plan on using the All In Two option) for each Versa cover that you purchase.  This will get you through 3 changes.  We also recommend that you  get at least a second Versa cover with 3 Lineys/inserts for rotating.  Many families find that they can always have one diaper prepped and ready to go for the next change.  It is also helpful to let the other cover air dry between use.  The Versa cover is lined with a wipeable smooth nylon layer which makes wiping out the cover easy. There is also no exposed laminate of the PUL that touches your baby.

What is the cost effectiveness of the system?

If you were to purchase 3 pocket diapers with an average price of $18.95, you would spend $56.85.  You would also have more laundry and take up more space in your diaper bag.  If you were to purchase 1 Versa cover, 3 Lineys, and 3 prefolds ($2 each), you would spend $37.80.  If you were to purchase 1 Versa cover, 3 Lineys, and 3 snap on soaker pads/inserts, you would spend $46.65.  And the savings increase with the more you buy!  An entire Hiney Lineys system with inserts that will get your through 24 changes, is only $349!  The Hiney Lineys system with prefolds instead of inserts will cost you just $278!!  While 24 pocket diapers will cost you $454.

Hiney Lineys are made right here in the USA by moms and grandmoms!

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7 Responses to What Is The Hiney Lineys Diapering System?

  1. sounds great…eco crazy mom sent me

  2. Jennifer Chaisson says:

    This sounds like an awesome system…would love to try them! Eco crazy mom sent me…i love your site!

  3. Christel Platt says:

    I already called my sister to tell her about your diapers, I didnt even know about them, or that it was this cost effective, better for the enviroment, and that easy until I entered a giveaway by eco crazy mom, love the blog, and site, see you soon!

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  5. Janet says:

    This looks AWESOME!!! I have an off the chart 2 year old that is 44lbs, 40 in tall. I’m so glad to see that your big kid diaper goes up to 60 lbs. With my son being so large I’m running out of cd’s that fit him. The weight cut off for most is 36lbs.

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