Versatility of the Versa Cover

What makes the Versa Cover the most Versatile Cover on the Market?  Our Versa Cover can be used with Prefolds, Inserts, or Fitted diapers.  Not only that, but you can transform your Versa Cover into a pocket diaper, an All-In-Two system, or even an All-In-One system!  It truly is that Versatile!

1.  Our Versa Cover has a true wipeable inner material that covers the sticky PUL layer.  This allows you to use the Versa Cover with any prefold, insert, or fitted diaper that you choose, without worrying about the sticky PUL touching your baby’s skin, while also allowing you to wipe out and air dry the cover.



2.  The Versa Cover has a front flap in the front to tuck your insert and go!  Or, take your prefold and fold it in thirds, tuck it under the front flap and lay it in. Voila!



3. Instantly transform your Versa Cover into a pocket diaper!  The Versa Cover contains snaps under the front flap and also at the wings of the cover.  These snaps are what really makes the Versa cover shine!  Our unique snap-in stay dry Lineys snap right into the cover at these places.  Lay your prefold or insert into the cover and snap in a stay dry Liney right over it.   Best of all, you can snap in a new one at the next diaper change and use your Versa cover again and again!  This makes cloth diapering even more affordable than purchasing a bunch of pocket diapers.

4.  Are you an All-In-Two family?  Snap on one of our absorbent inserts onto the back of the stay dry Liney.  Your insert and stay dry layer are now together as one… LOVE!!!  An All-In-Liney!  Now you just simply snap this in and out of the Versa cover at each change.  A lovely 2 piece system with double protection against leaks! Picture at right is the back of Liney with insert snapped on –>


5.  Do you prefer All-In-One diapers? Purchase 1 Versa cover and 1 stay dry Liney with 1 snap on insert.  Never take the diaper apart.  Keep it snapped into your Versa cover indefinitely.  An All-In-One that is quick to dry in the wash and a stay dry feel for baby… and you can add extra absorbency under the stay dry Liney.  All of this with double leak protection!

What is best of all with the Versa System?  If you change your mind on which type of system is best for your family, you can always transform your Versa Cover into that system.  Sick of prefolds?  Transform your Versa Cover into an All-In-Two system.  Ready for even more simplicity?  Transform it into an All-In-One.  Want to diaper on a budget?  Use prefolds and the Versa cover only and snap in a stay dry Liney at nap and bedtime or when you think baby is going to poo.

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4 Responses to Versatility of the Versa Cover

  1. Michelle Harris says:

    I am so impressed with these… Can’t wait to tell others about em 🙂

  2. Michelle Harris says:

    Oh and Eco-Crazy Mom sent me… lol

  3. Jennifer says:

    I would love to try these for my twins..I have close to 100 pocket diapers and after 1.5 yrs I am so tired of stuffing and unstuffing, and we are no where near potty training

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