Introducing Fluff Bling!!

Hiney Lineys Innovative Cloth Diapers is proud to announce Fluff Bling to the cloth diapering world!  Fluff Bling is the best bling for your baby’s bottom!  Snap on an embroidered design to your diaper today and create a whole new look!  Get yours today!

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The Big Unveiling Happens Tomorrow!!!!!!!

At 9am EST tomorrow, December 13th, I will be revealing Hiney Lineys newest product! This is a new and fun exciting way to diaper your baby!  Stay tuned for the news of our exciting new product. We are sure you will love it!

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Have You Ever Done Something Stupid?

Um… yeah. So the other day I put my 2 year old to nap in a new diaper. I was testing out an insert the other day for a new design, and it was handy so I grabbed it.  Not thinking, I put him to nap with a Versa cover, the snap on insert, and a Liney.  He woke up soaking wet!!!  What happened?!?  I said to myself.  I couldn’t figure out why he leaked out.  Next thing I know, I’m on the phone with a friend and I start talking about the diaper leaking out. And then it hit me.  I didn’t prep the silly thing!  NO WONDER!  FAIL.  I should know better, don’t you think?  Leave it to me to screw that up.

Have you ever done something stupid with your diapers?

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