Versatility of the Versa Cover

What makes the Versa Cover the most Versatile Cover on the Market?  Our Versa Cover can be used with Prefolds, Inserts, or Fitted diapers.  Not only that, but you can transform your Versa Cover into a pocket diaper, an All-In-Two system, or even an All-In-One system!  It truly is that Versatile!

1.  Our Versa Cover has a true wipeable inner material that covers the sticky PUL layer.  This allows you to use the Versa Cover with any prefold, insert, or fitted diaper that you choose, without worrying about the sticky PUL touching your baby’s skin, while also allowing you to wipe out and air dry the cover.



2.  The Versa Cover has a front flap in the front to tuck your insert and go!  Or, take your prefold and fold it in thirds, tuck it under the front flap and lay it in. Voila!



3. Instantly transform your Versa Cover into a pocket diaper!  The Versa Cover contains snaps under the front flap and also at the wings of the cover.  These snaps are what really makes the Versa cover shine!  Our unique snap-in stay dry Lineys snap right into the cover at these places.  Lay your prefold or insert into the cover and snap in a stay dry Liney right over it.   Best of all, you can snap in a new one at the next diaper change and use your Versa cover again and again!  This makes cloth diapering even more affordable than purchasing a bunch of pocket diapers.

4.  Are you an All-In-Two family?  Snap on one of our absorbent inserts onto the back of the stay dry Liney.  Your insert and stay dry layer are now together as one… LOVE!!!  An All-In-Liney!  Now you just simply snap this in and out of the Versa cover at each change.  A lovely 2 piece system with double protection against leaks! Picture at right is the back of Liney with insert snapped on –>


5.  Do you prefer All-In-One diapers? Purchase 1 Versa cover and 1 stay dry Liney with 1 snap on insert.  Never take the diaper apart.  Keep it snapped into your Versa cover indefinitely.  An All-In-One that is quick to dry in the wash and a stay dry feel for baby… and you can add extra absorbency under the stay dry Liney.  All of this with double leak protection!

What is best of all with the Versa System?  If you change your mind on which type of system is best for your family, you can always transform your Versa Cover into that system.  Sick of prefolds?  Transform your Versa Cover into an All-In-Two system.  Ready for even more simplicity?  Transform it into an All-In-One.  Want to diaper on a budget?  Use prefolds and the Versa cover only and snap in a stay dry Liney at nap and bedtime or when you think baby is going to poo.

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When Kids Are Sick…

I have three kids.  I’d say they aren’t “normal” kids HAHA… but what is normal anyways? Well, today they’re all sick.  I have one home from school because he felt nauseous, had a headache, chills etc.  Awesome! WOOHOOO!!!!  Now my almost 5 year old is sick too.  Whatever happened to the lethargic thing?  I read about my friends on Facebook and their kids being sick, and all about how they just want to cuddle on the couch, or they just want to lay around like couch potatoes.  Do my kids do that? Oh never!  The only time I’ve seen that happen is when my daughter gets really bad UTI’s.  Instead I get the screaming and freaking out at each other all day long and crying and flipping out and AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  Over what?  Over the silliest little things ever.  And they scream and flip out for 20+ minutes each time and there isn’t anything I can do.  It is days like this where I just want to run away.  Calgon take me away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Can anyone relate?  Do your kids go nutso when they’re sick too?

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Making Homemade Toothpaste

We are not big fans of rat poison (AKA Fluoride) in our toothpaste, so we’ve opted to make our own.  A basic toothpaste consists of Baking soda, coconut oil, and xylitol. Each of these components are awesome for your teeth!  Baking soda is a great cleaning agent as it polishes your teeth, helps fight bad breath, and also aids in whitening your teeth.  Coconut oil is awesome for its natural antibacterial properties.  Xylitol is not only a great sweetener, but it also helps prevent tooth decay.

For this recipe, we started out with 3/4 cup of melted extra virgin coconut oil.

We then added in 1 1/3 cup baking soda and stirred and mashed out any clumps.

Lastly, we ran 1 cup of xylitol through the food processor until it was a powdered form.  You can purchase xylitol as a powder, but we had the crystals. ***

 Mix in your xylitol and you’re good to go! Yields approximately 2 cups of toothpaste.

You now have a paste for brushing your teeth.  There are a few ways you can store it.  You can either just put it in a jar and scoop a little out with your brush each time, or you can put it into a squeeze bottle.  I’ve seen others put it in a cake decorating bag with a decorating tip.  I think that would work better than the squeeze bottle as the toothpaste can get a little harder in the winter months.  Coconut oil gets rather hard in cooler temps.  Our squeeze bottle’s tip was much too skinny and it was a bit challenging to squeeze out.  One with a larger tip would work much better!


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5 Tips For Cloth Diapering An Older Child

1.  Finding A Big Enough Diaper

The biggest challenge of cloth diapering an older child is finding a diaper that actually fits!  After all, you can’t deal with any of the other issues of diapering an older child if you don’t have an actual diaper that your child can wear, right?  I have a 2 year old wearing diapers at night and nap time, and an almost 5 year old wearing diapers at night.  We use the Hiney Lineys Big Kid system to keep them staying dry.  The Big Kid diaper fits 30-60 pounds and has a snap down rise.  It actually fit my 7 year old as well, as he is 58 pounds.

**This is my 2 year old in his Hiney Lineys Big Kid diaper snapped down in the rise.**

2.  Washing the Diaper

Once you have an actual diaper that fits and you have diapers to wash, getting the diapers clean is one of the BIGGEST problems people have with big kids in diapers.  We have struggled with it for many years.  Big kid urine is just not the same as little baby urine.  Soaking or rinsing your diapers before tossing them in the wash definitely helps a lot.  I know this might sound taboo, but bleach is your friend!  You just might have to use it every now and again.  I’m not saying that you need to bleach them every wash, but with the nature of these loads, bleach tends to really make a huge difference.  Separate your covers from your prefolds or inserts and toss them puppies in the wash and put some bleach in the bleach dispenser.  I resisted bleach for 6 years.  I will honestly tell you that it is helping!

**This is my almost 5 year old in her Hiney Lineys Big Kid diaper.  The diaper is snapped down in the rise here, but she can use it either way and it fits her well.**

3.  Staying Dry at Night

As your child grows, so does their bladder!  It can be a struggle to find the right amount of absorbency especially at night.  This is what we have used with huge success for all three of our children:  A premium prefold such as these that Everything Birth sells HERE, along with a microfiber insert.  A cheap way to get microfiber inserts for night time use, is to go to your local Sam’s club and get the BLUE version of these:  DO NOT get green or orange or yellow.  Those colors will bleed for 100 washes and you won’t be happy with the color of your diapers!  The blue ones do not bleed.  Get blue!!  You will have to fold them in thirds, but you also fold a prefold in thirds, so it is no biggie!  This combination is fail proof in my house.

**This is my 7 year old in the same Hiney Lineys Big Kid diaper with the rise unsnapped.**

4.  Keeping Your Nose Happy

Clean diapers with no detergent build up is key, however, you’re still going to battle with some potency specifically in the night time diapers .  There are a couple of things that you can do for this one.  You can rinse the diapers under the faucet of your bathtub and then toss them in your pail or wetbag, or you can do a wetpail method.  A wetpail method involves filling your diaper pail with water and borax.  If you’re opposed to borax, I am sure there are other things you could add to the water.

5.  Potty Learning

If you’re not dealing with a special needs child who is going to be in a diaper for the long term, potty learning can seem to be a daunting task.  This might not be the most popular way of doing it, but it worked with my kids.  We just skipped the trainers and kept them naked.  It worked GREAT!!  Once they started using the potty regularly, then we started with the underwear.  If you want to do a pull up and down diaper/trainer method, the Hiney Lineys Side Snap cover can be pulled up and down with ease.

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What Is The Hiney Lineys Diapering System?

What makes Hiney Lineys different from other systems?  And why is it a much needed system that fills a gap in the diaper market?

The Hiney Lineys system is a very versatile unique system that was originally created for the prefold user, which now includes an All In Two option.

When my daughter was 8 mos old, I started experimenting with different diapers because she was dealing with eczema.  I felt like she needed a stay dry layer to help with the eczema.  I started using pocket diapers, but I didn’t like that I couldn’t reuse anything and had to wash the whole thing each time.  This is where Hiney Lineys was born!  I wanted to use my prefolds and covers, but have the stay dry layer.  I started cutting out rectangles of fleece, but it just bunched and shifted.  What a pain!  So, I designed the stay dry layer to attach to the cover.  The final version includes gathered legs and back portions on the stay dry Liney.  The gathered areas help contain messes.

This stay dry Liney with gathered legs and back portions, will snap into our Versa cover.  Our Versa system comes in 3 sizes.  Newborn will fit up to 15 pounds, the popular One-Size  fits 12-35 pounds, and our Big Kid size fits 30-60 pounds!!

No other system on the market offers this type of system for the prefold user.  Hiney Lineys are unique!  What if you don’t like using prefolds?  We also offer an All In Two option!  Our snap on soaker pad/insert, snaps right on to the back of your Liney.

You now have an All in Two system which is great for dads or sitters… or anyone who prefers an All in Two system.

Our Versa system truly is versatile!  

Not only can you use our Versa cover with prefolds and a Liney, or with the All In Two option, but you can also use our Versa cover on its own.  Use the Versa cover with fitted diapers, inserts, flats, or contours.  The options are endless!

What do you need for start up with Hiney Lineys?

We recommend 3 Lineys (and 3 snap on soaker pads/inserts if you plan on using the All In Two option) for each Versa cover that you purchase.  This will get you through 3 changes.  We also recommend that you  get at least a second Versa cover with 3 Lineys/inserts for rotating.  Many families find that they can always have one diaper prepped and ready to go for the next change.  It is also helpful to let the other cover air dry between use.  The Versa cover is lined with a wipeable smooth nylon layer which makes wiping out the cover easy. There is also no exposed laminate of the PUL that touches your baby.

What is the cost effectiveness of the system?

If you were to purchase 3 pocket diapers with an average price of $18.95, you would spend $56.85.  You would also have more laundry and take up more space in your diaper bag.  If you were to purchase 1 Versa cover, 3 Lineys, and 3 prefolds ($2 each), you would spend $37.80.  If you were to purchase 1 Versa cover, 3 Lineys, and 3 snap on soaker pads/inserts, you would spend $46.65.  And the savings increase with the more you buy!  An entire Hiney Lineys system with inserts that will get your through 24 changes, is only $349!  The Hiney Lineys system with prefolds instead of inserts will cost you just $278!!  While 24 pocket diapers will cost you $454.

Hiney Lineys are made right here in the USA by moms and grandmoms!

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Diapers Defunked!

Ever deal with rashes and stinkies and just can’t get rid of it?  This is what we’ve been dealing with over here.  It is SO frustrating!  It all started back when I decided to switch detergent because I read on a forum that using All Free & Clear was a no-no. I never had any issues before, but it was a no-no, it is bad for my diapers and is going to cause buildup and stink!  This is what I read anyways.  Even though I had been using All Free & Clear for 2 years already without issue.

So I made the switch.  I went to and looked at the detergent list and found one that had a better rating.  I wanted something free and clear that was affordable.  I found that Purex Free & Clear had better ratings, so I tried that.  Immediately I started having issues.  Rashes and stink!  That began the stripping and detergent hopping.  I tried lots of detergents and this and that.  Things would get better for a while and then get bad again.  I started having to alternate with disposables because my kids rashes were so bad.  I felt frustrated and defeated, but I am die-hard cloth.  I would not give up!  I even use cloth diapers on vacations, no way I’m giving up!

We have very acidic water with zero hardness, soft water as soft as it is going to get!  What I’ve read about soft water is that it is very difficult to rinse out, and you don’t need much detergent. It is just really difficult to find HOW much to use.  5 Years later and I think I finally have my diapers defunked!  Hopefully it lasts!  I boiled my prefolds on the stove.  That didn’t get the stink out.  I asked around for all kinds of advice.  I decided that the next wash I’d put vinegar in the rinse.  I did my rinse cycle and then went to do my hot wash.  I put in 3 tablespoons of Rockin’ Green and rocked a soak.  After that, I did another hot wash with vinegar in the bleach dispenser.  I got the diapers out, tossed them in the dryer and sniffed them when they came out.  they smelled like NOTHING!!!!!!  I was so excited that I ran to my hubby and said, SMELL THIS!  It doesn’t smell like anything, right?  It smells like nothing? Yeah?!?  He agreed.  Then I did my happy dance.

I defunked my diapers!  Do you have funky smelling diapers?  Are you having trouble getting rid of the stinkies?  Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook wall, and we can trouble shoot.

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Cleaning out for the Holidays…

So, I decided that today would be the day to clean out everything and get ready for the holidays.  The kids threw their toys everywhere and I couldn’t see the floor.  I determined that it is all gonna go!  Have you ever tried that with kids in the house? HAHA!  As I have it all in a big pile, the kids are just throwing it everywhere.  oh FUN!!!  Then my 2y old decides that he wants to “sweep”, which means he is taking the broom to my pile of junk and dirt and having it go all over the living room.  Start over.  5 times. AHHHHHH!  Makes me crazy.  Meanwhile, I have this scenario going on.  

Apparently that chair right there was a convenient opportunity to scale the tree.  Of course  I couldn’t help but laugh and take a picture…. I mean, after all, it would be MY house if it wasn’t a bit crazy!

You do know what a clean living room floor means though, right?  Oh that means it is a license to go to ones room and take out all the toys from in there and reclutterfy the living room! WEEEE!  But it is all OK because I found some diapers that I was missing, hiding under the couch.

We have a coupon code that is good through Sunday the 18th.  If you have been waiting to try the Hiney Lineys Versa system, now is the time!  Use code TODAY25 for 25% off your order!  Happy shopping!


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